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Jones, William

Born: 1760 AD
Died: 1831 AD

1760 – William Jones was born on January 19th in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The 4th Secretary of the Navy.

         – He was a successful merchant in Charleston, South Carolina, and in Philadelphia.

1800-1803 – He was elected to the United States House of Representatives and was offered the office of Secretary of the Navy, but declined and remained in Congress to the end of his term.

1813 – Jones also served as acting Secretary of the Treasury.

1814 – William Jones became Secretary of the Navy on January 19th.

         – His policies contributed greatly to American success on the Great Lakes and to a strategy of coastal defense and commerce raiding on the high seas.

         – He made recommendations on the reorganization of the Navy Department.

1815 – Led the establishment of the Board of Commissioners system which operated.

1816 – Was appointed President of the Second Bank of the United States.

1819 – He returned to commerical pursuits.

1831 – William Jones died in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, on September 6th.

1920-1932 – The destroyer USS William Jones (DD-308), was named in honor of Secretary of the Navy William Jones.