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James Stuart

Born: 1633 AD
Died: 1701 AD

1633 – James Stuart or King James II of England, born on the 14th of October at St. James’s Palace, London. He was the last Roman Catholic monarch to reign over the Kingdom of Scotland, Kingdom of England, King of Great Britain and Ireland, second surviving son of King Charles I and Henrietta Maria. Many of his subjects distrusted his religious policies and despotism, leading a group of them to depose him in the Glorious Revolution.

1673 – He openly opposed the Test Act, which barred all Catholics and Dissenters from holding positions of power, and abandoned his post as Lord High Admiral and left the country.

1678 – He was the focus of a popish plot and in the Whig government attempted to exclude him from the succession but Charles dissolved parliament.

1687 – The Declaration of Indulgence granted tolerance of Catholics and non-conformists. In response, both Tories and Whigs turned against the king.

1688 – Mary of Modena gave birth to a male heir, James Francis Edward (the Old Pretender), Parliament was provoked; this event scuppered their plans for his Protestant daughter Mary to take the throne.

1690 – Captured and released (with William’s consent), he raised an Irish army against his usurpers but was defeated at the Boyne.

1701 – He died of a brain hemorrhage on the 16th of September at Saint-Germain-en-Laye. His body was laid in a coffin at the Chapel of Saint Edmund in the Church of the English Benedictines in the Rue St. Jacques, Paris. He died an exile in Saint-Germain.