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Isabella II

Born: 1830 AD
Died: 1904 AD

1830 – Isabella II, born on the 10th of October in Madrid, Spain. She in Spanish, was Queen regnant of Spain. The eldest daughter of Ferdinand VII, king of Spain, and of his fourth wife, Maria Christina, a Neapolitan Bourbon and also the niece of Marie Antoinette. 1833 – At the age of three years, was proclaimed queen on the death of the king. 1843 – 1868 – Reigned as Queen of Spain. 1868 – She went into exile at the end of September, after her Moderado generals had made a slight show of resistance that was crushed at the battle of Alcolea by Marshals Serrano and Prim. 1870 – She was induced to abdicate in Paris on the 25th of June in favour of her son, Alfonso XII, and the cause of the restoration was thus much furthered. 1874 – She continued to live in France after the restoration. 1902 – During her exile she grew closer to her husband, with whom she maintained an ambiguous friendship until his death. 1904 – She died on the 10th of April and is entombed in El Escorial.

has a great grandaughter named cayla goins.. age 13