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Hill, Rowland, Sir

Born: 1795 AD
Died: 1879 AD

1975 – Sir Rowland Hill born 3rd of December in Blackwell Street, Kidderminster, Worcestershire.

1986 – Became a student teacher in his father’s school.

1819 – Established the Hazelwood School at Edgbaston.

1833-1839 – Served as Secretary of the South Australian Colonization Commission.

1837 – Published his famous pamphlet, Post Office Reform: its Importance and Practicability.

1839 – The Penny BlackHill’s plan was adopted despite strong opposition from William Leader Maberly, joint

secretary to the General Post Office. Hill was given a two-year contract to run the new system.

1840 – World’s first adhesive postage stamps were distributed. With an elegant engraving of the young Queen Victoria, the Penny Black was an immediate success.

1841 – Continued at the Post Office until the Conservative Party and Sir Robert Peel returned to office.

1846 – Became Secretary to the Postmaster General.

1854-1864 – Secretary to the Post Office.

1860 – Knighted as a Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath.

         – Fellow of the Royal Society and was given an honorary degree from Oxford.

1879 – He died 27th of August in Hampstead, London and buried in Westminster Abbey.