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Harry John Bollback

Born: 1925 AD
Currently alive, at 94 years of age.
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January 20th, 1925 – Born in Brooklyn, New York to Anthony and Anna Bollback.


1930s – Played piano with Jack Wyrtzen and they started the Word of Life Fellowship.


1940s – Joined the United States Marine Corp to fight in the Second World War.  He served on the Pacific front of the war.


1948 – Married Mildred Winkler.


1950 – Had a daughter, Linda.  This was followed by three other children: Larry (1952), Elizabeth (1956), and Suely (1959).


1950s – Went to Brazil as a missionary with Harold Reimer to reach the Xavante tribe.  Successful contact was made and missions work continued.


1957 – Founded Word of Life in Brazil.  He also was the director of the first Word of Life Bible Institute (which happened to be in Brazil) for 14 years.


1972 – Harry Bollback wrote The House that God Built about the life of Jack Wyrtzen and formation of Word of Life.  It has since been published and updated several times.


1976 – Harry Bollback wrote a musical for the bicentennial of the United States entitled "Let Freedom Ring."  He has also created other productions such as "Ring the Bells" and "The Passion Play."


Present – Still speaks for Word of Life events and plays the organ for the Word of Life Pep Band on the Word of Life Island Camp for Teens every summer.

4.4 (87.94%) 68 votes