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Hamilton. Elizabeth

Born: 1758 AD
Died: 1816 AD

1758 – Hamilton was born in Belfast on July 25, 1758.

1759 – Hamilton’s father died leaving their mother widow with three children.

1762 – Hamilton was sent to her paternal aunt in Stirlingshire, Scotland. Elizabeth was also an intellectually active girl. She had a taste for good literature and was widely read.

1788 – Hamilton went to live with her brother Captain Charles Hamilton.

1792 – Hamilton’s first work "The Letters of a Hindu Rajah", in tribute to life of her brother.

1804 – Hamilton returned to Scotland, particularly settling in Edinburgh. She was able to write four books namely: "Memoirs of Modern Philosophers","Letters on Education", "Life of Agrippina", and "Letters to the Daughters of Noblemen."

1816 – Hamilton left Edinburgh for Harrogate in May hoping to recover but eventually she died on July 23, 1816 at the age of 58.