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Gould, John

Born: 1804 AD
Died: 1881 AD

1804 – He was born on September 14th at Lyme Regis on the Dorset coast in England.

1827 – At the age of 23 he was appointed a taxidermist on the staff of the Zoological Society of London, of which society he was to become a leading figure in later years.

         – Gould married Elizabeth Coxen. Elizabeth traveled and worked with Gould until her death. Shortly after their marriage, Gould, who was a skilled taxidermist, acquired a collection of bird skins from the hill country of the Himalayas, many of them new to Europe.

1829 – His growing ambition took definite shape when he married Elizabeth Coxen, a talented artist of his own age.

1831 – Over the next 57 years Gould published more than forty large folio volumes and the first set appeared.

         – Gould published in twenty monthly parts "A Century of Birds from the Himalaya Mountains", a volume notable for its eighty colour plates finely executed by Mrs Gould, and the precursor of a remarkable series of books on birds and mammals.

1832-1838 – He began the publication of "The Birds of Europe", a work of five volumes.

         – He issued four parts of a so-called synopsis, with seventy-three plates by his wife, and immediately afterwards two more parts appeared.

1840 – He issued a prospectus relating to his proposed publications on the birds of Australia, already published before he left England.

1843 – His contributions to this science were so vast that he was elected Fellow of the Royal Society.

1881 – Gould died in London on February 3rd. He had lost two sons, Henry and Franklin, but was survived by the youngest son, Charles, who had done some geological work in Tasmania, and three daughters. His publications, 41 large volumes with some 3000 plates, remain as memorials to a man who, lacking advantages in youth, became an outstanding ornithologist and general zoologist, as well as a most competent publisher and businessman.