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Gauntlett, Melissa Sasha-Gaye

Born: 1983 AD
Currently alive, at 36 years of age.

1983 – Melissa Sasha-Gaye Gauntlett, better known as Melissa was born in Kingston, Jamaica. My name, Melissa means honey-bee.


1987- At the age of 4 I started infant school. It was first in Kingston then when my parents moved to Portmore I changed schools. That was when we had a little singing group and my mother used to cheer me on. She said my singing would lead me to greater things in life. As I got older I started to write my own songs.


1989 – I started Primary school. This was when my wings started to spread. I met friends who also had an interest in singing. It was as if it was apart of us…never to leave. My inspiration came from singer Celion Dion and Jamaican singer Carlene Davis. The first song that I wrote was "When You Are Down,Look Up". Yes, church was an integral part of my life. I lived for Him to be apart of me.


1993 – I started singing at churches across Jamaica. This was my chance to have my big break. At this time a lot of persons were hearing about me. I was stunned when persons kept requesting me to be a part of their worship.


1996 – I graduated High School. After that I went abroad to sing at different functions. It was the best thing that had ever happened to me in my entire life, it was very stressful and you hardly ever had enough time to spend with your family. But I loved every minute of it.


2002 – I went on TV shoows like ‘Our Voices’. This gave rise to the number of persons that are now asking me to come annd sing at their church or event.


– Critics say that I was like Grace Thrillers in one body.


2005 – In September, "God You are The One" was recorded. He gave me the strength to spread His word to others.


2007 – I wrote more uplifting songs and persons said they loved them. That was when i decided that I was going to make an album and get my songs on the air.