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Gabor, Dennis

Born: 1900 AD
Died: 1979 AD

1900 – Born on 5th of June in Budapest, Hungary.

1927 – He wrote his Ph.D. thesis concerning the cathode ray tube and worked on plasma lamps.

1933 – He was  invited to Britain to work at the development department of the British Thomson-Houston


1936 – He married with Marjorie Butler.

1947 – He invented holography while working at British Thomson-Houston company.

1948 – He moved to Imperial Collage London, England.

1951 – He publish his theories of optical imaging and holography.

1958 – He became a professor of Applied Physics.

1962 – He invented the laser the first coherent light source.

1963 – He invented the first hologram.

1967 – He retired as a professor of Applied Physics.

1972 – He developed an interest in social analysis and published The Mature Society: a view of the future.

1979 – He died on the 9th of February in London, England.