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Funk, Kazimierz

Born: 1884 AD
Died: 1967 AD

1884 – Born on the 23rd of February in Warsaw, Poland. Polish-American biochemist.

1904 – Studied in Berlin and Switzerland, where he gained his doctorate in organic chemistry at the university of Bern.

         – Worked at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, then in Berlin, and later at the Lister Institute in London.

1912 – Credited with the first formulation of the concept, which he called vital amines or vitamines.

1915-1920 – Moved to America and he became a naturalized citizen after five years.

1927 – Moved on to Paris where he started his own research institution, the Casa Biochemica.

         – He married his wife, Gretchin, with whom he had 15 children.

1939 – After the outbreak of World War II, he moved permanently to America.

1940 – Started the Funk Foundation for Medical Research in America.

1967 – He died on the 19th of January in New York at the age of 83.