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Frederick William Albert Victor

Born: 1859 AD
Died: 1941 AD

1859 – Frederick William Albert Victor, born on the 27th of January in Potsdam, EC Germany. The eldest son of Frederick III and Victoria (the daughter of Britain’s Queen Victoria), and grandson of Emperor William I.

1888 – 1918 – He was the last German Emperor and King of Prussia ruling both the German Empire and Prussia.

1890 – He dismissed Bismarck, and began a long period of personal rule, displaying a bellicose attitude in international affairs.

1914 – He pledged full support to Austria–Hungary after the assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand at Sarajevo, but then made apparent efforts to prevent the escalation of the resulting international crisis.

1941 – Died of pulmonary embolism in Doorn, The Netherlands on the 4th of June, with German soldiers at the gates of his estate.