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Francois Eugene de Savoie-Carignan

Born: 1663 AD
Died: 1736 AD

1663 – Prince Eugene was born in Paris on October 18th. He is also known as Francois-Eugene de Savoie-Carignan.

1693 – He was made field marshal, Prince Eugene was the commander and diplomat who led the military campaigns that laid the foundations of Habsburg power in central Europe. He fought the Turks at Vienna, and helped to establish the Austrian-Hungarian empire.

1697 – Received command of the army in Hungary after his return from Italy.

1718 – He also fought against France in two wars, and while in command of the imperial army he helped Marlborough in several battle during the War of the Spanish succession. Later Prince Eugene won several further victories against the Turks, capturing Belgrade.

1736 – He died in his sleep in Vienna and was buried in a chapel of honor in St. Stephen’s Cathedral.