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Eleanor of Aquitaine

Born: 1122 AD
Died: 1204 AD

1122 – She was born this year in England. She was raised in one of Europe’s most cultured courts, the birthplace of courtly love. By all accounts, Eleanor was the apple of her father’s eye, which made sure she had the best education possible.


1137 – She became the Duchess of Aquitaine this year, and thus the most eligible heiress in Europe. She was also married this year to Louis VII of France, and had two daughters named Marie and Alix.


1152 – She was annulled this year. Then she married Henry II of England, had eight children.


1173 – She and Henry each brought land and power to the marriage, but she threatened Henry’s power and even urged three sons into an unsuccessful revolt in this year. Henry stuck Eleanor in prison for fifteen years.


1189 – She helped her son Richard ("The Lion-Hearted") to the throne and for many years ruled in his absence.


1204 – She died on the 1st day of April this year. She was entombed in Fontevraud Abbey near her husband Henry and son Richard.