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Egan, Edward

Born: 1930 AD
Died: 1995 AD

1930 – Eddie Egan, born on the 3rd January in New York City, USA. He was a New York City Police Department detective whose exploits were the subject of a book and movie, both entitled The French Connection.

1962 – With partner Sonny Grosso, he managed a 112-pound heroin bust, one of the biggest in New York’s history.

1971 – He was the tough-talking New York City police officer whose exploits inspired the Academy Award winning film The French Connection.

       – He was nicknamed ‘Popeye’ and was played in The French Connection by Gene Hackman. He played the role of his own boss.

1973 – Another film he released detailing his career, this called Badge 373, with Robert Duvall playing his role.

1984 – He retired to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.