Born: 9240 AD
Died: 9880 AD
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924 – Dunstan born near Glastonbury, England. English abbot, celebrated archbishop of Canterbury, and a chief adviser to the kings of Wessex, who is best known for the major monastic reforms that he effected. Of noble birth, Dunstan was educated by Irish monks and visitors at Glastonbury. Later he entered first the household of his uncle, Archbishop Aethelhelm of Canterbury, and then the court of Athelstan, king of the English. Maliciously accused of practicing the black arts, he took refuge with his kinsman Aelfheah (Elphege), bishop of Winchester, who influenced him to become a monk and later ordained him.

943 – He then lived as a hermit at Glastonbury, where he learned various crafts and music until Athelstan’s successor, Edmund I, recalled Dunstan as one of his counsellors. Edmund made him abbot of Glastonbury, and under Dunstan the abbey became a famous school. Under Edmund’s successor, Eadred, Dunstan became the chief minister of state, in which capacity he sought to establish royal authority, to conciliate the Danish section of the kingdom, to eradicate heathenism, and to reform clergy and laity.

955 – On the accession, of King Eadwig (Edwy), however, Dunstan’s influence and office were temporarily eclipsed. He apparently quarrelled with Eadwig and was outlawed, being driven to Flanders.

957 – At the abbey of Blandinium he studied continental monasticism, which he used as a chief source in restructuring English monasticism when recalled by King Edgar. In the same year, Edgar made him bishop of Worcester and London.

959 – Eadwig died, Edgar became sole king of the English, and Dunstan was appointed archbishop of Canterbury. During this period intellectual activity flourished, and Dunstan personally reformed and reestablished several celebrated monasteries and sponsored missionaries to Scandinavia.

975 – On Edgar’s death, Dunstan secured the crown for Edgar’s elder son, later known as St. Edward the Martyr.

978 – When Edward was murdered and was succeeded by Ethelred (Aethelred) II, Dunstan’s public career abated, and he retired to Canterbury, where he taught at the cathedral school.

988 – Died on the 19th of May in Canterbury.

2.6 (51.11%) 18 votes