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Douglas, David

Born: 1798 AD
Died: 1834 AD

1798 – David Douglas, born on the 30th of December in the village of Scone north-west of Perth, Scotland. He is a Scottish botanist.

1823 – 1834 – He made several journeys in North America to study American plants and sent to Scotland more than 200 plants and seeds then unknown in Europe.

1824 – Undertook a plant-hunting expedition in the Pacific Northwest that ranks among the great botanical explorations of a heroic generation.

1826 – In the Spring, he was compelled to climb a peak near Athabasca Pass to take in the view. In so doing, he became the first mountaineer in North America.

1827 – The Douglas-fir, which he introduced into cultivation, is named after him.

1834 – He traveled to Puget Sound and the Fraser River and then went to the Hawaiian Islands.

       – Died this year.