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Doria, Andrea

Born: 1466 AD
Died: 1560 AD

1466 – Born on November 30th in Oneglia, Italy. A Genoese condottiere and admiral, was born at Oneglia of an ancient Genoese family.

1503 – Fought in Corsica in the service of Genoa, at that time under French vassalage, and he took part in the rising of Genoa against the French, whom he compelled to evacuate the city.

1522 – Genoa had been recaptured by the French, and by the Imperialists. But Doria now veered round to the French or popular faction and entered the service of King Francis I, who made him captain-general.

1524 – He relieved Marseilles, which was besieged by the Imperialists, and helped to place his native city once more under French domination.

1538 – Doria’s defeat by the Turks at Preveza was said to be not involuntary, and designed to spite the Venetians whom he detested.

1541 – He accompanied Charles on the ill-fated Algerian expedition, of which he disapproved, and by his ability just saved the whole force from complete disaster.

         – For the next five years he continued to serve the emperor in various wars, in which he was generally successful and always active, although now over seventy years old; there was hardly an important event in Europe in which he had not some share.

1544 – After the peace of Crépy between Francis and Charles he hoped to end his days in quiet.

1547 – But his great wealth and power, as well as the arrogance of his nephew and heir Giannettino Doria, made him many enemies, and the Fiesco conspiracy to upset the power of his house took place.

1560 – He died on November 25th in Genoa, Italy.