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Charles Michael Schwab

Born: 1862 AD
Died: 1939 AD

1862 – Born on April 18th in Williamsburg, Pennsylvania. An American manufacturer and the founder of Bethlehem Steel.

1880 – He went to work for the Edgar Thomson Steel Works at the age of 18 and rose rapidly.

1883 – Married to Emma Eurania Dinkey.

1892 – He was superintendent, first of the Edgar Thomson, then of the Homestead Steel Works, and took management of both.

1901 – Became President of the U. S. Steel Corporation, the biggest company in the world.

1903 – He resigned owing to ill-health. After personality conflicts there, he left to take over and remake another steel company.

1904 – He became the founder, president and chairman of Bethlehem Steel which he incorporated December 10th.

1908 – Contracted with Didier-March, a German firm, to build a coke works in Bethlehem.

         – Bethlehem Steel began producing the beam that revolutionized building construction and made possible the age of the skyscraper. It also made Bethlehem Steel the second-largest steel company in the world.

1910 – He loathed labor unions and crushed a 108-day strike at Bethlehem Steel.

1929 – The stock market crash and wiped out Schwab financially.

1939 – Died on the 19th of September on New York City due to heart failure. His remains were buried at St. Michael’s Cemetery, Loretto, Pennsylvania.

         – He was bankrupt when he died but when  World War II began, a few weeks before his death, made his holdings worth millions — a fitting end to the man Thomas Edison once called the ”master hustler.”