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Chambers, Whittaker

Born: 1901 AD
Died: 1961 AD

US Communist, journalist, author and spy:  http://www.whittakerchambers.org/

1920-1925:  Student at Columbia College (Columbia University) – 1922, Editor of The Morningside (now Columbia Review)

1925-1928:  Member of the American Workers’ Party and journalist for The Daily Worker newspaper

1931-1932:  Editor of The New Masses magazine 

1932-1938:  Soviet underground spy

1939-1948:  Senior editor at TIME magazine

1948-1950:  Witness for the House on Un-American Activities Committee or HUAC (1948) and for Federal prosecutor in the trials of Alger Hiss (1949), during which time he names several people, including seven (7) former Federal government officials (including Alger Hiss) of being members of his Washington, DC, spy ring.  Five pled the Fifth Amendment, Harry Dexter White (the sixth) died of a heart attack after denying the allegations, and Hiss remained only denier.  Produced "Baltimore Documents" (hand-written and typed papers) from Hiss and White during slander case in Baltimore; produced "Pumpkin Papers" of unknown content to HUAC.  Pumpkin Papers helped change opinion of public and of the Department of Justice, which indicted Hiss on two counts of perjury in December 1950, for which he was found guilty and sentenced for four years of imprisonment

1952:  Published autobiographical memoirs, Witness (Random House) 

1957-1959:  Served on founding editorial board of William F. Buckley, Jr.’s National Review magazine

1961:  Died of heart attack

1964:  Esther Shemitz Chambers (wife) posthumously has autobiographical memoirs published as Cold Friday (Random House), edited by Duncan-Norton Taylor

1969:  William F. Buckley, Jr., posthumously edits and publishes letters in Odyssey of a Friend (Putnam)

1984:  President Ronald Reagan awards him Medal of Freedom posthumously

1988:  Secretary of Interior Donald Hodel adds Whittaker Chambers Farm  posthumously to the National Register

1997:  Ralph de Toledano posthumously edits and publishes letters in Notes from the Underground (Regnery)