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Catherine of Valois

Born: 1401 AD
Died: 1437 AD

1401 – Born on October 27th in Paris. Catherine of Valois, daughter of the King of France.

1420 – Married to Henry V of England on June 2nd.

1421 – Catherine of Valois was crowned Queen of England at Westminster Abbey in February.

         – The son of Catherine and Henry, the future Henry VI, was born in December.

1423 – After the death of her husband, Henry V, Catherine of Valois began a secret relationship with Owen Tudor, a Welsh squire.

1428 – Parliament reacted to the rumors about this relationship by forbidding Catherine from marrying without consent of the king and the council.

1436 – Owen Tudor was imprisoned and Catherine retired to Bermondsey Abbey.

1437 – Died on January 3rd in London.