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Burr, Aaron Sr.

Born: 1716 AD
Died: 1757 AD

1716 – Born on January 4th.

1735-1936 – Graduated from Yale College (now Yale University) where in 1735 he obtained his BA Degree in religious studies and became a licensed Presbyterian minister.

1746 – A controversy on religious doctrine split Yale College, and in opposition to Yale’s president (the Reverend Thomas Clap), Burr, the Rev. Jonathan Edwards (his father-in-law), and the Rev. Jonathan Dickinson founded the College of New Jersey (now Princeton University).

1747 – The first classes were held in Elizabeth, New Jersey, at the home of the Rev. Jonathan Dickinson.

1748 – Dickinson was elected to be the first President of the new college, but several months after taking office, he died, and Burr was selected as the second President, serving nine years.

1752 – Married Esther Edwards daughter of the Rev. Jonathan and Sarah Pierpont Edwards; their son Aaron Burr, Jr. would later become the third Vice President of the United States.

1755 – Suffering from overwork, Burr gave up his religious pastor duties to work full time as college President.

1756 – He supervised the actual construction of Nassau Hall, Princeton University’s best known building, which was completed.

1757 – He died in the early fall of fever, believed to have been brought on through overwork. As an honor, his remains were buried in the newly created President’s Lot of the Princeton Cemetery.