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Burgess, Guy Francis de Moncy

Born: 1911 AD
Died: 1963 AD

1911 – Born on April 16th in Davenport, England. British diplomat and spy.

         – He proved to be one of the Soviet Union’s best spies at the beginning of the Cold War.

1936 – He worked with the BBC.

1939 – Burgess joined the British Intelligence Service.

         – He wrote war propaganda.

1941 – He re-joined BBC while working for M15.

1946 – The British Foreign Office hired him for their Embassy in Washington, DC, where he moved in with Philby, who by then was First Secretary at the British Embassy.

1950 – He was a member of the Foreign Office, and second secretary under Philby in Washington.

1951 – Philby learned from Anthony Blunt that Donald Maclean was about to be arrested as a spy, so he sent Burgess back to London to warn Maclean to escape to Russia and to accompany him there.

         – Recalled for ‘serious misconduct’, he and Maclean disappeared, re-emerging in the Soviet Union.

1963 – Miserable at having to live inside a puritanical state, Burgess drank himself to death on August 30th in Moscow.