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Brunelleschi, Filippo

Born: 1377 AD
Died: 1446 AD

1377 – Born on Florence Italy. Italian architect, the reviver in Italy of the Roman or Classic style.

1398 – Filippo passed his examination and became a guild master goldsmith.

1401 – He designed some portions of houses in Florence, and he was one of the competitors for the design of the gates of the baptistery of San Giovanni.

1407-1419 – He returned to Florence, just at the time when it was resolved to attempt the completion of the cathedral church of Santa Maria del Fiore. Brunelleschi’s plan for effecting this by a cupola was approved, and after innumerable disputes, that the work was finally entrusted to him.

1436 – The Cathedral of Florence was Brunelleschi’s most prestigious work because of its dome or cupola. It was completed without supporting scaffolding, columns, arches or pilasters. The actual cathedral was started by Arnolfio di Cambio and built over 150 years. The dome was finished and was 91 m high. Its point was sixteen meters high and thirty meters in diameter.

1446 – He died in Florence on the 15th of April, and was buried in the cathedral church of his native city.