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Brown, Lancelot

Born: 1716 AD
Died: 1783 AD

1715 – Born in Kirkharle, Northumberland, England. English landscape architect and master of garden design, whose works were characterized by their natural, unplanned appearance.

1742 – Beginning work as a gardener’s boy in Northumberland, Brown obtained a post at Stowe, Buckinghamshire, one of the most talked of gardens of the day.

1751 – Lancelot Brown’s nickname ‘Capability’ came from his fondness for speaking about a country estate having a great ‘capability’ for improvement.

         – Brown became an independent landscape gardener, although he described himself as a ‘place-maker’ rather than a landscape gardener, and quickly became very fashionable and in great demand.

1764 – Lancelot Brown was appointed Master Gardener at Hampton Court.

1783 – Died on February 6th in London.

1980 – Lancelot Brown’s reputation began to recover and he was being recognised as a genius of English garden design.