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Borkenstein, Robert Frank

Born: 1912 AD
Died: 2002 AD

1912 – Born on August 13th in Fort Wayne, Indiana. American inventor and forensic scientist.

         – He developed a new colour printing process.

1936 – His ingenuity later earned him a job with the Indiana State Police, where he rose to take charge of its laboratory services.

1938 – Borkenstein collaborated with the university’s toxicology professor, Rolla Harger, on developing what became known as the Drunkometer.

         – Gave police officers the first tool scientifically to prove drunkenness at the wheel.

1954 – Borkenstein had come up with the far more convenient breathalyser.

1958 – While police officers today have more sophisticated machines to measure the degree of intoxication of drivers, the breathalyser was standard equipment in patrol cars for decades after it was first marketed by Borkenstein.

         – He was a professor in the Department of Forensic Sciences, Indiana University.

         – He served as an expert on the use of lie detectors, lecturing to students and assisting police departments worldwide.

2002 – He died on August 10th in Bloomington, Indiana.