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Borgia, Lucrezia

Born: 1480 AD
Died: 1519 AD

1480 – Born on the 18th of April, she is a Italian duchess.


Rodrigo became Pope Alexander VI; he had Lucrezia marry Giovanni Sforza in order to establish an alliance with that powerful Milanese family.


1493 – She married Giovanni Sforza.


       – Consummated a relationship with someone, probably Alexander’s messenger Perotto.


1501 – Two papal bulls were issued concerning Giovanni Borgia and son of Alexander VI. Lucrezia’s name is not mentioned in either, and rumors that she was his mother have never been proven.


She married her second husband Alfonso of Aragon (Duke of Bisceglie)


They have one child, Rodrigo, who was destined to die before his mother in August 1512 at the age of thirteen.


Lucrezia’s father, Pope Alexander VI, wanted to arrange a third marriage and was then married to her third husband, Alphonso d’Este (Prince of Ferrara).


She embarked on a love affair with the poet Pietro Bembo.


1519 – She died on 24th June after a difficult pregnancy.