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Borden, Gail

Born: 1801 AD
Died: 1874 AD

1801 – Born in Norwich, New York on 9th of November to Gail Borden Sr, and Philadelphia Wheeler.


1828 – Moved to Amite County, Mississippi, where he married his first wife Penelope Mercer.


1835 – Involved with creating the first topographical map of Texas.


       – He created Texas’ first permanent newspaper in October.


1866 – His paper was the first to report the fall of the Alamo on 17th of March.


1837 – Sell his interest in the paper to become the Republic of Texas first collector at the port of Galveston.


       – Sam Houston appointed Borden as Collector of Customs at Galveston in June.


1853 – He invented condensed milk (patented 1856).


1874 – He died on 11th of January and left an interesting thought for lovers. 


"The world is changing in the direction of condensing… Even lovers write no poetry, nor any other stuff and nonsense, now.  They condense all they have to say, into a kiss."