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Bondfield, Margaret Grace

Born: 1873 AD
Died: 1953 AD

1873 – She was born in Chard, Somerset, on the 17th of March the eleventh child of Anne Taylor and William Bondfield.

1887 – She began an apprenticeship at the age of 14 in a draper’s shop in Brighton.

1894 – She moved to London and was elected to the Shop Assistants’ Union district council.

1896 – The Women’s Industrial Council commissioned her to investigate the pay and conditions of shop workers.

1898 – She was elected assistant secretary of the Shop Assistants’ Union.

1899 – She is the only female delegate to Trades Union Congress.

1908 – She became secretary of the Women’s Labour League.

1923 – She was President of the Trades Union Congress General Council.

         – Bondfield was elected Labour Member of Parliament for Northampton.

1929 – She was appointed Minister of Labour by Ramsay MacDonald on 8th of June (1st female British cabinet member).

1931 – She was defeated in the general election.

1939-1945 – Bondfield was chair of the Women’s Group on Public Welfare.

1949 – She wrote autobiography "A Life’s Work".

1953 – Margaret Grace Bondfield died on the 16th of June.