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Blanchet, Francis Norbert

Born: 1795 AD
Died: 1883 AD

1795 – Born at St. Pierre of the River of the South on September 3rd. Archbishop Francis Norbert Blanchet, the founder of the Archdiocese of Oregon City.

1810 – He entered the Quebec Seminary, together with his brother Augustine-Magloire, who later became the Bishop of Nesqually, today the Archdiocese of Seattle.

1819 – Archbishop Blanchet was ordained on July 18th.

         – After serving at the Cathedral for a year, he was sent to the coast of New Brunswick where he served as pastor for seven years.

1827 – He was appointed Pastor of Cedres in the county of Soulange where there was a severe outbreak of cholera.

1838 – Father Blanchet became the Vicar General for the Missions of Oregon, and left on May 3rd for St. Boniface at Winnipeg, Manitoba.  

1841 – Selected to help draft the laws of a new government in Oregon on 18th of February.

1843 – Father Blanchet was named Vicar Apostolic and Titular Bishop of Philadelphia on December 1st.

1844 – He left from Vancouver for Montreal and Quebec on November 28th.

1845 – He was consecrated on July 25th, at the Montreal Cathedral.

1846 – Served as the first archbishop of Portland.

1870 – He went to the First Vatican Council and was there on September 26th, when Italian troops overthrew the temporal power of the Papacy.

1883 – Archbishop Blanchet died June 18th, at the age of eighty-seven years, nine months and fifteen days.  He was buried in the cemetery at St. Paul, Oregon.