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Bismarck, Otto Eduard Leopold von, Prince

Born: 1815 AD
Died: 1898 AD

1815 – Born on the 1st of April in Schönhausen, Altmark, Prussia. German Prussian politician.

         – Educated at the Friedrich-Wilhelm-Gymnasium and the Graues Kloster-Gymnasium.

1832 – At age 17, he joined the Georg August University of Göttingen.

1847 – He attended the Prussian United Diet, where his speeches against Jewish emancipation and contemporary liberalism gained him the reputation of a backwoods conservative, out of touch with the dynamic forces of his age.

         – He married Johanna von Puttkamer on the 28th of July.

1848 – He began contributing to the Kreuzzeitung newspaper as an organ of antirevolutionary sentiment.

1849 – Bismarck studied law and was elected to the Prussian Diet.

1851 – He was appointed Prussian representative to the federal Diet in Frankfurt.

1859 – Became the Prussian Ambassador to Russia.

1862 – Served as Prussian Prime Minister.

         – Elected as Prussian Minister Foreign.
         – He was the Prussian Ambassador to France.

1864 – Under his leadership Prussia won a war against Denmark.

1866 – He was made a count, and created a prince and chancellor of the new German Empire.

1871 – He was the founder and first chancellor of the German Empire.
1873-1890 – Became the Prussian Prime Minister.

         – He clashed with Emperor William II, who saw him as a rival for power, and was forced to resign from the chancellorship.

         – He was made Duke of Lauenburg.
1898 – He died on 30th of July in Friedrichsruh, Germany.