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Bigelow, Henry Jacob

Born: 1818 AD
Died: 1890 AD

1818 – Born in the United States. Henry Bigelow detested any kind of cruelty or suffering. He was also a distinguished surgeon, a gifted clinical pharmacologist.

1816 – He was appointed to the chair which Count Rumford had endowed at Harvard for the instruction of the application of the sciences to the useful arts, a first attempt to create a meeting ground for self made inventors and academic scientists.

1845 – While a junior surgeon at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), Bigelow sponsored Horace Wells’ abortive nitrous oxide demonstration of January.

1846 – Bigelow came across a local newspaper item on dentist William Morton’s practice of pain-free dental extraction under ether.

1876 – The author of the extended essay, "A History of the Discovery of Modern Anaesthesia" published in A Century of American Medicine.

1890 – He died this year in the United States.