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Beverley Bevan

Born: 1944 AD
Currently alive, at 75 years of age.

1944 – Born- November 25th, Birmingham- England – has proved to be one of the most enduringly successful drummers ever to come out of Birmingham- England’s early 60’s pop-rock scene.


1964 – a member of Denny & The Diplomats, he was left high-and-dry when "Denny," as in Denny Laine, took off for the Moody Blues.


1966-70 – He was lucky enough to land another gig, with Carl Wayne & The Vikings, and soon after that, was, with Wayne, one of the co-founders of the Move. A legendary British band with an almost Beatles-like aura of creativity about them,


1970-71 – the Move never managed to succeed outside of England and continental Europe. But when the band reached its near end-point at the outset of the 1970’s, Bevan was one of three members — Jeff Lynne and Roy Wood being the others — to make the leap to the Electric Light Orchestra. And it was from there that Bevan became an international pop-rock star, in tandem with Lynne over the next 15 years; thanks to his work with both bands, his drumming is some of the most familiar in British rock, and his work on both the Move and ELO versions of "Do Ya" right up there with Charlie Watts’ and Ringo Starr’s best known performances.


1971-1989 – The drummer for ELO.


He also kept the ELO name alive — sort of — through the ELO II following Lynne’s departure for other projects.