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Bethmann-Hollweg, Theobald Theodor von

Born: 1856 AD
Died: 1921 AD

1856 – Born on the 29th of November in Hohenfinow, Prussia now Germany. German imperial chancellor before and during World War I who possessed talents for administration but not for governing.

1905 – He was appointed Prussian minister of the interior.

1907 – He was state secretary in the Imperial Office of the Interior.

1909 – He succeeded Bernhard, Fürst (prince) von Bülow, who resigned as chancellor on the 14th of July.

1909 – In foreign policy, his negotiations with the British over reduction of naval armaments (March and February) came to nothing because of the opposition of German admiral Alfred von Tirpitz, supported by William II, Kaiser (emperor) Wilhelm II.

1911 – His secretary of state, Alfred von Kiderlen-Wächter, created the Moroccan (Agadir) crisis (Moroccan crises) of July–November, in which Germany backed down before France and Great Britain.

1914 – Having no desire for war, he nonetheless is thought to have initiated the July crisis of with the “blank check” to Austria-Hungary for measures against Serbia.

1916 – He made more concessions to nationalist-expansionist feeling and to military demands than were once supposed. However, he tried to secure the mediation of the United States, and, realizing that U.S. entry into the war would be decisive, he resisted the advocates of unrestricted submarine warfare.

1917 – On April 7th, he further angered military leaders and civilian conservatives by his promise of electoral reforms in Prussia.

         – In the debates on the peace resolution that was passed by the Reichstag in July, he was forced to resign; he was replaced by Georg Michaelis on July 13th.

1921 – He died on the 1st of January in Hohenfinow, Germany.