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Bernsstorff, Johann-Heinrich Graf von

Born: 1862 AD
Died: 1939 AD

1862 – Born on the 14th of November in London, England.


1908-1917 – German ambassador to the United States and Mexico.


He was represented Germany in London and Cairo.


Von Bernstorff received a cable from the German Foreign Office.


1915 – On 1st of January the Roebling Wire and Cable plant in Trenton, New Jersey was blown up.


         – February Werner Horn was captured attempting to blow up the Vanceboro Bridge.


1916 – The Black Tom explosion was the most spectacular of the sabotage operations.


1917 – He was sent home 3rd of February when Woodrow Wilson broke off diplomatic relations with Germany.


1939 – Count Johann Heinrich von Bernstorff died on 6th of October.