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Benjamin Daniel Boessel

Born: 1987 AD
Currently alive, at 32 years of age.



Benjamin Daniel Boessel, widely known as Benji, was born in Kissimmee, Florida on March 11, 1987 and raised in Waynesville, NC. Parents are Robert Boessel (Waynesville, NC) and Shawn Boessel (Waynesville, NC). Benji was the middle child with siblings (Courtney Boessel 12/6/1991) and (Brittainy Boessel 11/19/1984).

Benji has one daughter: Lillian June Boessel (2012)

The Boessel family grew up in the mountains of Western North Carolina where Benji attended Tuscola High School. Benji was a multi-talented athlete participating in cross-country, swim team and basketball. Graduating from high school in 2005, Benji attended Gardner Webb University and studied business.




In the winter of 2007, Benji took unemployment for the winter to learn code. Sitting in a poorly insulated run down home on East Street in Waynesville, he began developing websites on a 40” TV.

By spring he walked in the unemployment office requesting to terminate his assistance. With only 4 clients, he began freelancing. A couple years later in 2010 his cousin called up offering him a position developing a high-end MLS system for a startup. The next day he was in Miami talking to investors about the project, and two days after that he moved to Boston to work closely with the other developers. When that project was finished, one of the investors contracted him out for marketing one of his companies in Florida.

Spending two years in sunny Florida working on a handful of big clients, Benji started a marketing group with two colleagues named  Boost Marketing. Together they worked on many projects for small and medium sized businesses.


June 16th at the age of 23, driving his brand new Beamer to pick up pizzas for a yacht party, he picked up his phone to call home.  The first number that popped up was someone he hadn’t talked to in years, the magnificent Ashley Reynolds.  Before she could answer, he was in love.  Ashley answered “Hello?”  Benji replied “Hey Ashley, this is Benji. I’m going to come up to Asheville to court and marry you.”


Two months later Ashley moved to Florida to start their new life together. By 25, Benji and Ashley, pregnant (with soon-to-be Lillian June Boessel) and madly in love, moved back to their home in Waynesville, NC to raise their family back in the mountains.


In 2012 after recently returning home, the Asheville web design company White Fox Studios was born and is based out of Waynesville, NC.



Only two short years later, Benji had boosted White Fox Studios into the leading web marketing and web design firm in Western North Carolina.



  • While working at Pizza Hut in 2003 invented the famous "Dippin’ Strips" that ran off and on for several years.
  • Has ridden a wheelie over a mile on a motorcycle, dirt bike, four wheeler, and bob-cat skid steer.
  • Rode motocross as a teen, competing in dozens of motocross events.
  • Learned to captain an ocean going vessel, driving ships up to 102 feet in length.
  • Once while driving a 38′ Center Console, jumped a 7′ ocean wave into the air reaching 20′ above the water.
  • Bought a new convertible beamer at age 23, and got a speeding ticket going 115mph, only one hour later.
  • Got married in 2014 on a working farm in front of North Carolina’s last standing roll-top barn.
  • Likes to experience new vehicles, having owned over 40 by the age of 27.
  • Can type 95 words per minute.