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Benedetti, Vincent, Count

Born: 1817 AD
Died: 1900 AD

1817 – Born on the 29th of April in Bastia, on the island of Corsica.

1840 – Entered the service of the French foreign office.

         – Appointed to a post under the Marquis de la Valette, who was consul-general at Cairo.

1845 – Appointed consul of Egypt.

1848 – He was made consul at Palermo.

1851 – He accompanied the marquis, who had been appointed ambassador at Constantinople, as first secretary.

1855 – Employed in the foreign office at Paris.

         – Acted as secretary to the congress at Paris.

1861 – Chosen to be the first envoy of France to the king of Italy.

1862 – Resigned his post on the retirement of Édouard Thouvenel.

1864 – He was appointed ambassador at the court of Prussia.

         – Unsuccessfully demanded assurance from Wilhelm I of Prussia that no Hohenzollern would seek Spanish throne, in interview distorted and published by Otto von Bismarck as Ems dispatch to incite Franco-Prussian War.

1871 – He answered the charges brought against him in a book, Ma Mission en Prusse, which still remains one of the most valuable authorities for the study of Bismarck’s diplomacy.

1895 – Published a volume of Essais diplomatiques, containing a full account of his mission to Ems, written.

1900 – Died on the 28th of March, while on a visit to Paris. He received the title of Count from Napoleon.