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Barrymore, Georgiana Emma

Born: 1854 AD
Died: 1893 AD

1854 – Born on the 11th of July in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

1872 – She made her theatrical debut in The Ladies’ Rattle at Philadelphia’s Arch Street Theatre, under her mother’s management.

1875 – She followed her brother to join Augustin Daly’s repertory company in New York City.

1876 – She performed in Pique with a young English actor, Maurice Barrymore (originally Herbert Blythe), whom she married.

1890 – Her greatest stage success was a comic role opposite W.H. Crane in The Senator, which opened in January.

1891 – She appeared for nearly two years, until ill health forced her to leave the cast in December.

1892 – In February the following year she made her final stage appearance in New York City.

1893 – Died on the 2nd of July in Santa Barbara, California.