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Bakker, Robert T.

Born: 1945 AD
Currently alive, at 74 years of age.

American paleontologist who has helped reshape modern theories about dinosaurs.

1945 – Born on the 24th of March in Bergen County, New Jersey.

1968 – Published his first paper on dinosaur endothermy.

Revealed the first evidence of parental care at nesting sites for Allosaurus.

1975 – Bakker initiating the ongoing "dinosaur Renaissance" in Paleontological studies, beginning with Bakker’s article "Dinosaur Renaissance" in Scientific American.

1986 – Wrote "The Dinosaur Heresies: Unlocking the Mystery of the Dinsoaurs and their Extinction".

1995 – His novel Raptor Red tells of a year in the life of a female Utahraptor of the lower Cretaceous.

His fieldwork has been done in Wyoming, especially at Como Bluff, but he has ranged as far as Mongolia and South Africa in pursuit of dinosaur habitats.

He is prominently featured in the kid’s series Bonehead Detectives of the Paleo World.

1992 – Bakker was among the advisors for the film Jurassic Park and for the PBS series "The Dinosaurs."

He argued that dinosaurs were intelligent, fast-moving, warm-blooded, and closely related to modern-day birds rather than reptiles, also argued that extinction of dinosaurs was caused by disease.