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Baker, Newton Diehl

Born: 1871 AD
Died: 1937 AD

1871 – Born on the 3rd of December in Martinsburg, West Virginia.

He made his most indelible mark as a municipal reformer in Cleveland.

1902-1912 – Become city solicitor, he brilliantly handled most of the 55 suits.

1911 – Baker had been elected Mayor of Cleveland.

1912 – Supported Woodrow Wilson for the presidential nomination.

1913 – He was re-elected as Mayor of Cleveland.

1916 – Appointed secretary of war.

1920 – He was called the outstanding lawyer of the by Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes.

1921 – Returned to Cleveland and the law. He been as successful at the bar as he had been as a municipal reformer.

1937 –  Baker died on 25th of December.