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Astorga, Nora

Born: 1949 AD
Died: 1988 AD

1948 – Born in Managua. Nicaraguan diplomat, lawyer, politician, and Sandinista revolutionary.

         – Nora Astorga was a courageous guerillera in the Nicaraguan Revolution and a brilliant politician.

1967 – Went to the United States to study medicine but was incapable of cutting open a little animal.

1969 – Nora had been a Sandinista.

         – Served as messenger for Oscar, drive him places and find safe houses.

1972 – Married to Jorge. The marriage lasted four years.

1984 – Nicaraguan deputy foreign minister.

1986 – Served as Nicaragua’s Ambassador to the United Nations.

1987 – The revolutionary government awarded Nora Astorga its highest tribute: the Order of Carlos Fonseca.

1988 – Nora Astorga died in Managua on February 14th, a victim of cancer.