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Argov, Shlomo

Born: 1929 AD
Died: 2003 AD

1929 – Born in Jerusalem on the 14th of December.

1948 – He joined the Palmach as a teenager, and joined the Israeli Defense Force when it was formed.

1950-1952 – He moved to Washington D.C. to study for a BA in foreign relations at Georgetown University, from which he graduated.

1955 – He followed that up with an MA in international relations at the London School of Economics.

1959 – His diplomatic career began.

1971 – His first senior diplomatic posting came, when Argov became Israel’s Ambassador to Mexico.

1977 – Argov was appointed Ambassador to the Netherlands.

1979 – He would serve in that role for two years, before being promoted to Ambassador to the United Kingdom, one of the highest roles in the Israeli foreign service.

1982 – On the 3rd of June, three men, Hussein Ghassan Said,Marwan al-Banna and Nawaf al-Rosan approached Argov as he got into his car after a banquet at the Dorchester Hotel, in Park Lane, London.

2003 – Died on the 23rd of February.