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Apraksin, Fyodor Matveyevich

Born: 1661 AD
Died: 1728 AD

1661 – Born on the 27th of October in Moscow, Russia.

1692 – He was appointed governor of Arkhangelsk, the foremost trade port of Russia at that time, and built ships capable of weathering storms, to the great delight of the tsar.

1697 – He was entrusted with major shipbuilding activities in Voronezh, where he would supervise the construction of the first Russian fleet.

1700 – He was nominated the first Russian governor of Azov.

1700-1706 – He was also appointed chief of the admiralty, in which post his unusual technical ability was of great service.

1707 – He was appointed president of the Russian Admiralty.

1710 – He became the third Russian ever to be elevated to the comital dignity.

1710-1720 – He personally conducted the descents upon Sweden, ravaging that country mercilessly, and thus extorting the peace of Nystad, whereby she surrendered the best part of her Baltic provinces to Russia.

1711 – Held the chief command in the Black Sea during the campaign of the Pruth.

       – He was in command at the Siege of Vyborg.

1712-1723 – He was one of the first Russian admirals who governed Estonia and Karelia.

1713 – He commanded the Imperial Russian Navy in the taking of Helsinki.

1714 – He assisted the tsar in launching a new harbour in Revel.

1715 – He fell into temporate disgrace with the tsar, who had been informed about disorders and bribery in the Admiralty.

1718 – Pesided over the Russian Admiralty.

1719 – He led the Russian naval expedition into the Gulf of Bothnia.

1722 – During the Persian Expedition, he barely escaped an assassination attempt by a Chechen.

1723 – Commanded the Baltic Fleet.

1726 – His last expedition was to Revel, to cover the town from an anticipated attack by the English government, with whom the relations of Russia at the beginning of the reign of Catharine I were strained.

1728 – Died on the 10th of November in Moscow, Russia.