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Anne de Bretagne

Born: 1477 AD
Died: 1514 AD

1477 – Born on the 25th of January in Breton, France.

1481 – She was officially promised in marriage to Edward, Prince of Wales, son of Edward IV of England.

1490 – Her marriage with Maximilian, which took place at Rennes by proxy on the 19th of December, gained Anne the title Queen of the Romans but proved to have serious consequences.

1492 – She was anointed and crowned Queen of France at Saint-Denis on the 8th of February.

1498 – At Étampes, she agreed to marry Louis if he obtained an annulment from Jeanne within a year.

       – In the interim, in October, she returned to rule Brittany. She restored the faithful Philippe de Montauban to the chancellery of Brittany, named the Prince of Orange as Hereditary Lieutenant General of Brittany, convened the Estates of Brittany, and ordered production of a coin bearing her name.

1499 – Her third marriage ceremony, on 8 January (she wore white, setting a precedent for future brides), was concluded under conditions radically different to those of the second.

1415 – Died on the 9th of January, dying of a kidney-stone attack at the Chateau of Blois.