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Andreessen, Marc

Born: 1971 AD
Currently alive, at 48 years of age.

1971 – Born on the 9th of July, in New Lisbon, Wisconsin.

1993 – His graduation from the university, Andreessen moved to California to work at Enterprise Integration Technologies

1994 – Co-developed Netscape Navigator browser.

1995 – Netscape’s IPO in propelled Andreessen into the public’s imagination.

1999 – Netscape was acquired for $4.2 billion by AOL, which made Andreessen its Chief Technology Officer.

2001 – He would soon leave to form Loudcloud, a services-based Web hosting company that underwent an IPO.

2003 – Loudcloud sold its hosting business to EDS and changed its name to Opsware, where Andreessen continues to serve as chairman.

2005 – His latest project is Ning, which launched in October.

         – He serves on the board of Open Media Network, a combined Kontiki client and media player, launched. Andreessen is now active in the blogging community.