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Alvarez, Gregorio Conrado

Born: 1926 AD
Currently alive, at 93 years of age.

1926 – Alvarez was born in Montevideo on the 26th of November.

1940 – He entered the Uruguayan military academy.

1962 – He became chief of the mouted police in Montevideo.

1971 – He was promoted to general and named chief of Esmaco.

1973 – He became permanent secretary of the new Consejo de Seguridad Nacional.

1978 – He became a commander in chief of the army in February.

1980 – He forced the Consejo de Seguridad Nacional to name him president.

1981 – He served as the president of Uruguay for four year term.

1984 – He agreed to holding of legislative and presidential elections in November.

1985 – He resigned his position.

2006 – His residence in Montevideo became the focal point for demonstrators protesting the disappearance of opponents of the civilian-military administration.