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Allouez, Claude Jean

Born: 1622 AD
Died: 1689 AD

1622 – Claude Jean Allouez was born in Saint-Didier-en-Velay on June 6, 1622.

1639 – He graduated from the College of Le Puy and became a Jesuit novitiate in Toulouse, France.

1655 – He was ordained a priest of the Roman Catholic Church.

1658 – He arrive in Quebec where he began a study of the Wyandot and Anishinaabe languages.

1660 – He became the superior of the mission at Trois-Rivieres, Quebec.

1663 – He was named vicar general of a part of the diocese of Quebec.

1667-1669 – He made a missionary tour of the Western missions and served as a missionary to the Potawatomi Indians in Wisconsin.

1671 – He founded the St. Francis Xavier Mission.

1677 – He arrived at Kaskaskia, Illonois.

1689 – He died on August 28, 1689 and buried in Niles.