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Allen, William

Born: 1532 AD
Died: 1594 AD

1532 – Allen was born in Fleetwood, Lancashire.

1547 – Attended Oriel College in Oxford at the age of fifteen.

1550 – Earned his degree from Oriel College and was elected Fellow of the College.

1554 – Earned his Master of Arts degree.

1556 – Worked as a principal St Mary Hall and proctor.

1568 – Founded the English College in Douai on the 29th of September.

1575 – Helped Pope Gregory XIII to found another English college in Rome.

1576 – Pope Gregory XIII appointed Allen to a canonry in Kortrijk.

1580 – Organized the first Jesuit missions to England.

1587 – Became a cardinal on the 7th of August by Pope Sixtus V.

1588 – The title Librarian of Holy Roman Church was given by Pope Gregory XIV.

1589 – Co-operated in establishing a new college at Vallodolid, Spain.

1594 – Died in Rome on the 16th of October.