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Allen, William

Born: 1532 AD
Died: 1594 AD

1532 – He was born this year at Rossall, Fleetwood, and Lancashire, England.


1547 – At the age of fifteen, he entered Oriel College, Oxford.


1550 – He graduated with B.A. In the same year, he was elected Fellow of the College in this year.


1554 – He preceded M.A.


1556 – After two years, he was selected to become principal of St. Mary Hall and proctor.


1558 – He seems also to have held briefly to a canonry at York in or about this year.


1561 – He rebuffs the oath of supremacy and was disciplined, but remained in the University until this year.


1565 – He was obliged to retire to Norfolk, under the protection of the family of the Duke of Norfolk, but was obliged to leave for the Continent soon after, in this year.


1567 – He went to Rome for the first time, and visualizes his plan for establishing a college where English students could live together and finish their theological course.


1575 – He made a second journey to Rome, where he helped Pope Gregory XIII to found another college.


1576 – He was appointed to a canonry by the Pope in Kortrijk. The Pope sent him back to Douai this year.


1577 – He began a correspondence with Robert Parsons, the Jesuit.


1578 – Catholic literature could not be printed in England because of the Penal Laws. He himself took a prominent part. His writings are distinguished by extent of learning and theological acumen Under Allen’s direction of the well-known Douai Bible. The New Testament was published.


1579 – He was summoned again to Rome in this year to quell the disturbance that had befallen the English college between the English and Welsh students.


1587 – At the request of King Philip, Allen was made cardinal in this year.


1589 – He co-operated in establishing a new English college at Valladolid, in Spain. He took part in four conclaves, though his influence was diminished after the failure of the Armada.


1594 – He continued to reside at the English College, Rome, until the end. As a cardinal, he had lived in poverty and he died in debt, at Rome on October 16 of this year. He was buried in the chapel of the Holy Trinity adjoining the college.