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Allen, Richard

Born: 1760 AD
Died: 1831 AD

1760 – Allen was born in Pennsylvania on February 14, 1760.

1770 – Joined the Methodist Society at the age of ten.

1784 – Ordained as a Minister at the first conference of the Methodist church in Baltimore, Maryland.

1785 – Bought his freedom together with his brother from their master Sturgis for $2000 each.

1786 – Became a preacher at St. George Methodist Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

1787 – Together with Reverend Absalom Jones, they formed the "Free African Society".

1799 – Became the first black minister ordained by Francis Asbury.

1816 – Became an elder of the church and united the African American congregations of the Methodist Church in Philadelphia, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland, founding the African Methodist Episcopal Church in Philadelphia. He became the first Bishop of the newly found church.