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Alan White

Born: 1949 AD
Currently alive, at 70 years of age.

1949 – born June 14, Pelton, County Durham, England – an English rock and roll drummer best known for his 34 years of work with the progressive rock band Yes. In all, White has appeared on over fifty albums with artists from John Lennon and George Harrison to Joe Cocker, Ginger Baker and The Ventures. 


1955-1962 – White began learning to play the piano at age six and after switching to drums, played publicly with a local band at 13.


      -Later he worked with a number of bands during the 1960s before being invited to join Ginger Baker’s Airforce with Steve Winwood in 1968.


1969 – White received a call from John Lennon (he thought it was a prankster) asking him to join the Plastic Ono Band for a show that became the hit album, Live Peace in Toronto. He also performed with Lennon on the legendary Imagine album and the single, Instant Karma. When Lennon introduced White to fellow Beatle alumnus, George Harrison, he was asked to perform on part of All Things Must Pass album including the single, My Sweet Lord. Ringo Starr played on the other songs on All Things Must Pass.


1972 – White was touring with Joe Cocker when he received an invitation to join Yes, to replace Bill Bruford who had left to join King Crimson. Three days after meeting with Jon Anderson and Chris Squire, White played at the first show of the group’s U.S. Close to the Edge tour. Despite the fact that White had spent time in the studio with the band and even tried playing some of the Close to the Edge material, it is something of a legend that he learned the entire repertoire of extremely complex music in just three days. White and the band gave each other three months to see if he fit in, and over thirty years later, he has appeared on every Yes album since.


1976 – Alan White released his only solo album, Ramshackled.


1982 – For the song "Owner of a Lonely Heart", White played the first recording only with the bass drum and snare. , because all the other drums were being packed up as the group played. White then recorded each individual instrument (cymbals, toms, hi-hat, etc) afterwards and dubbed them over the original track.


In a press release for his own solo album, TISM bassist, Jock Cheese mentioned Alan White and Ramshackled. Cheese said, "On one occasion I used a credit card to enter a site advertising CDs I did this purely to see what was there. Oh, ok – I bought a solo album. It was by Alan White the drummer from Yes and it was really horrible. I spoke informally to a friend who said he knew a good lawyer and reported what I’d seen. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to get Gary on the phone recently as he seems to have moved on from his last known address.


Alan White release his only solo album, Ramshackled, in 1976. However, it is usually considered a White solo album in name only, as everything except the drumming (and including all the songwriting) is done by the various musicians White gathered to help with the project.